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Master Liveaboards
Luxury liveaboard diving holidays

Simplifying complex user journeys, based on real customer insights, for a luxury liveaboard diving platform.

The brief

The majority of liveaboard diving websites push the customer journey towards the accommodation model, of selling spaces on boats rather than what the majority of consumers prefer, which is to buy diving experiences based on destination. Master Liveaboards chose to work with Made with Maturity to understand these customer needs and to redesign their website, putting their customers at the centre.

Refining user research
The Master Liveaboards team had conducted in-depth user research that showed how their customers preferred to browse and buy. Working with the Master Liveaboards team and external strategy agency Denhams Digital, we sorted and managed this wealth of user research into understandable, and ultimately actionable insights.
Multiple audiences / needs

The Master Liveaboards audience consists of multiple groups included novice divers, experienced divers, and agents who make group bookings for larger dive parties. Each audience group has a different set of needs and within each audience group there are different ways that individuals prefer to navigate the website.

New user journeys
Working with the Master Liveaboards internal brand, marketing team and operations team we took existing research and audience personas and extrapolated these into new user needs that we based the new website design on. User journeys were created using interactive wireframe prototypes. These prototypes could easily be shared across the different stakeholders, then rapidly iterated based on feedback.
Positioning as a luxury brand
Once the new website structure had been designed we moved onto the UI creative design. Positioning Master Liveaboards as a luxury diving / holiday company. We created mood boards for existing luxury tourism and other luxury brands, to compare the visual styles that represent the luxury market. Working closely with the internal branding team on initial colourways we extrapolated with UI design techniques, choice of photography, and careful restriction of colour palette to create UI design rules. These rules ensured minimal use of the strongest primary call to action colour (so audience attention is focused to our leading), then secondary colours for the more common navigation elements.
Developer handoff

Whilst we are more than happy to look after the web development of our projects, we can also seamlessly work with existing development teams.  Once the UX and UI design were complete, we moved into our developer handoff process. Exporting inspectable designs, so every colour, font size and typographic setting can be easily seen and used in the build.

What our client says…
The team at Made with Maturity, took a vast amount of our user research data and turned them into actionable insights. Their logical process really demystified the whole UX design experience, and ensured our website was really focussed around our customer needs. The website stands above our competitors and has really improved our booking experience.
Brady Johnson – Website Manager. Master Liveaboards

See it in action…

The new Master Liveaboards website was launched in early 2021.

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