UX Expert Review

Our UX Expert Review will analyse your digital product or website and provide a detailed report on your interface, to identify strengths and weaknesses with actionable insights.

UX Expert Review

What is a UX Expert Review?

We will identify usability problems for your digital product or website against our best practice standards and 20+ years UX experience, when time constraints and budgets do not allow for full user testing.

Who needs a UX Expert Review?
  • You have a functioning product, but not sure which parts are working well or need improvement for users.
  • Your in-house team have taken it far, but would appreciate an external set of eyes and opinions on how to improve your product.
  • Parts of your product or website are seeing customers drop out or conversions are not as expected, and you’re not sure why.
  • You need help in identifying difficult to use areas or confusing content or navigation.
  • You want to discover whether your product or website follows UX best practice.
  • You want to reduce development time and costs – identifying and prioritising usability issues, for your development team to implement and get an optimised product quickly to your users.
  • You’re looking for a budget friendly solution for quick feedback.

A UX Expert Review can solve all of the above issues. Usually a UX Expert Review can provide around 75% of the feedback that a full user study could provide, at the fraction of the cost and time.

Our 3 step process

1. Onboarding session

  • You walk us through your digital product or website.
  • You mention any issues you are currently aware of.
  • You share any feedback from any existing users.
  • We define a basic set of users and goals.

2. Product review

Our team of UX experts will review the product against standard UX best practice and our 20+ years of practical UX experience.

Every insight, rated by severity to help your team prioritise the enhancements

  • Minor – interrupts or delays performing the action
  • Severe – significantly hinders performing the action
  • Critical – makes it impossible to perform the action

3. Report and presentation

  • We create a PDF report and arrange a video call to present our findings and recommendations, to clarify any of our comments.

The whole UX Expert Review process usually takes 1 to 2 weeks.

Price options

Basic: £3,000

The Basic UX Expert Review analyses a single platform, 1 screen size with text based descriptions and recommendations.

All prices exclude VAT

Enhanced: £4,500

The Enhanced UX Expert Review analyses a single platform, 1 screen size with text based descriptions and recommendations. PLUS key features wireframed to illustrate the actionable insights.

All prices exclude VAT

Note, all products are different in terms of size and complexity – so to work with these fixed prices, we will need to define the scope of the review during an initial product demo. If your product contains hundreds of pages or sections, then it’s unlikely we will be able to review them all, instead, we will focus on the major user journeys, which will likely bring the most impact and ROI for your product.

Alternatively, we can provide a quote if you would like a more in depth UX Expert Review.

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