1 Jul 2015

What makes us tick…

We always deliver first class projects every time. But for us, the way in which we do business is really important too. We pride ourselves on staying true to our core values of trust, honesty and integrity, believing that they make a big difference to us and those around us.

We also believe in having flexibility – not just in making life easier for our clients, but to help strike a good work/life balance for ourselves, allowing us to give something back. Through our Cream Tea Club networking events, we support local charities, plus we get involved and help out in schools, as well as working in the wider community through the local church.

Working with people and forming long-term relationships is key to how we operate, both inside and outside the Made with Maturity studio. And, being actively involved in the South West business scene, as well as community events and charitable work, it helps strengthen our existing bonds and build new friendships too.

Positive influence

Everywhere we go, we aim to make an impact for the greater good – in our attitude, our work, our words and our actions.


We’re firm believers in honesty being the best policy. We don’t do cover-ups, so if something goes wrong, we’ll always tell the truth – even if it makes us look bad.


We’ll always do what we say we’ll do. But, if the possible turns into the impossible, we’ll be open and upfront about it and find a resolution that works.

People first

Relationships are really important to us. Whether you’re an employee, a collaborator, a supplier or a client, we care about everyone as people. For us, it’s more than just a job.

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