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James Martin
The James Martin, celebrity chef website

Providing a growing collection recipes, books, TV shows and cooking experiences.

The brief

To design and build a website for celebrity chef James Martin within a six-month timeframe. The site would become a destination for his ever-growing catalogue of recipes, details about his restaurants, cookery schools, books, career timeline, TV shows plus latest news and events. The site needed to carry a classic style, with a focus on James as a chef in the kitchen, rather than just his TV celebrity status.

Responsive recipes

The recipes have a responsive design that turns the ingredients and method sections into tabs on mobile and smaller screens. In addition, a recipe “print-only” template was produced to optimise the important details when printing at home.

Mobile considerations

Viewing the site on mobile devices was a major consideration. The site contains a large amount of list based content including recipe collections and news articles. A standard vertical stacking display for mobile would have been cumbersome with section pages becoming incredibly long. Audiences may have been reluctant to scroll through the site to see what sections were available. Instead a horizontal scroll for the content of sub sections was devised, so the audience can quickly see the different sections on the page.

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