Our work
Integral Maths / MEI
UX & UI for Integral Maths: National A-Level Resource

Design work for MEI’s Integral Maths, an award-winning online teaching and learning platform for A-Level Mathematics designed to develop deep independent mathematical understanding.

The brief

In 2023, MEI contacted us to revamp its website and enhance its online presence. We conducted thorough research and designed a new layout that prioritised the needs and preferences of their existing and potential clients. Along with this, we also revamped their content strategy to drive more traffic and improve conversion rates.

Research stages

The foundation for every project always starts with research. For Integral, we conducted competitor analysis, analytics, SEO keyword research and interviews with Integral customers and non-customers. All of this allowed us to gain insights into what matters most in making a decision to purchase a resource like Integral for a school. A research report was created, where trends were identified that led us to highlight the key messages for the website. 

Expert review

At the same time, an exhaustive expert review was performed across their (former) website. The objective was to carefully dissect it, section by section, to unveil and detect shortcomings and inconsistencies as well as opportunities for improvement toward a more focused and straightforward approach to their overall communication strategy. The result was a more concise yet audience-focused and consistent communication of their offer and quality statements.

Wireframes creation
The outcomes of our expert review, plus the first results of the research stage, made for a great source of information to start building the foundations of what was going to be the building blocks of the new website. With a new set of user journeys relevant to every intended audience and a more concise approach to key messages and statements for easy social media propagation, the new structure was ready to receive its new skin upon approval.
Soft rebranding

Upon initial observation of MEI’s website, we identified a dated appearance and a need for clear visual direction and strategy. This presented a challenge as this needed to align with our plans for the new website necessarily. To overcome this obstacle, we confidently offered to overhaul their visual branding to elevate the new website and support the company’s transition into a new growth phase.

The results were a series of deliverables, including a new logo and colour palette and the introduction of a new and dynamic visual language with purposeful and intentional use of photographic imagery.

UI design

With a reinvigorated brand redesigned and a new architecture agreed upon, we commenced the UI design process, which considered better and more assertive user journeys relevant for every persona, clear informational patterns in tandem with the new and more functional colour palette, and fresh typographic work for optimum accessibility and clarity.

Developer handoff

Our development team provided feedback throughout the design process and influenced the design at critical stages. Upon completion of the design phase, we handed out assets utilising Adobe XD, allowing for a seamless transition into the development stages, followed by a thorough process of testing, improvement and refinement before its launch.

What our client says…

After years of creating and updating our website internally, we decided to use Made with Maturity to design a new, commercially focused website with a clean and modern feel. The UX/UI deep dive was appealing to us to ensure that the website and its messaging were designed in sync with each other. From start to finish, the clear project management and communication meant the project was a breeze in staying up-to-date. The Made with Maturity team spoke to our users and gathered key understanding, they designed a new look and feel completely in line with what we wanted, and they made suggestions of what we should lose from the old website to gain more focus on our main product. Our questions in weekly updates were always heard and actioned with advice and justification coming back from Made with Maturity as appropriate.

All in all, the project has been a huge success, and the new website is live for the world.

Andy Lumley – Head of Learning Technology at MEI

See it in action…

The new Integral website was launched in mid 2023.

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