Event Ticket Sales

Our ticketing sales platform enables you to sell tickets for your events, entirely through your own website with no need to send users off to third party sites.

Event ticket sales

Features & Benefits

Perfect for any type of event, both in-person or virtual, tickets are straight forward to set up and you can start selling immediately. Every aspect of our platform is mobile responsive, making it easy for those who are always on the go.

Integration with Stripe and PayPal

Payments can be handled via both Stripe and PayPal – two easy to use payment gateway services which ensure all transactions are validated and secure.

These services also offer multiple payment options (including all major debit and credit cards), so your customers aren’t restricted when purchasing your tickets.

Guest list functionality

When a user completes payment, they are instantly added to a visual guestlist, displaying their name and company name. This is useful for ticketed events such as networking and social gatherings, when users like to check there are others with the same profession or interests.

Often, similar processes are both time-consuming and admin heavy, whereas our system handles the guest list automatically – providing you with an accurate and up-to-date list, without any additional effort.

E-mail marketing integration

Another practical feature we have implemented is the ability to integrate email marketing sign ups.

When purchasing a ticket, customers will be presented with an option to opt-in to your MailChimp newsletters (or an equivalent chosen platform). Not only is this opt-in service GDPR compliant, but it also ensures you capture your audience whilst they are engaging with you, rather than trying to target them through multiple touch points and missing opportunities.

Integrated within a fully bespoke website

Already proven to be an effective ticket sales platform, we will integrate our e-commerce functionality within a fully bespoke, branded website – designed and built especially for your business.



Cream Tea Club

Take a look at an example of our ticketing sales platform in action. This was recently implemented for our own Cream Tea Club website, selling tickets for our upcoming networking events.

Ready to sell online?

Whether you’d like to begin selling event tickets online, or you are simply looking to replace and improve your current digital sales system, we’d love to help and can’t wait to get started. Contact us now to see how we can make this work for you.

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