Charity Portal

The Online Community Portal is a feature rich, easy to deploy microsite that creates a place for communities to interact.

Charity Portal

Features & Benefits

Originally created to assist during the COVID-19 crisis, this portal brings together; video chat technology, text and video led FAQs, peer to peer discussion forums and emergency contact support.

The portal is perfect for health organisations who are needing to provide remote support to groups of vulnerable or geographically spread patients. It can also be utilised by Charities to support their clients, and businesses who need to communicate regularly with employees or customer groups.

Gives your audience a voice

Many organisations are currently feeling the pain of disconnected communities. The Online Community Portal creates a digital space where audiences can interact (with video webinars, video chat, and discussion forums) with official representatives and other peer to peer members. The microsite is available 24/7, so the community can always be heard.

Tells your story in one place

This area provides a single point to “Tell your Story”. No more trying to find meetings, forums, social media messages or website blogs to find the information you heard last week.

Everything on the relevant subject for this community is here, in one place. As this is a microsite, information can be focussed on particular topics (e.g. Covid-19) and is not diluted with other information.

Video calls, FAQs and forums

Scheduled video calls to give face to face contact with your audience. Using video software like Zoom, Teams or the Remo system you can create webinar style presenter led meetings, and then change to smaller groups of four to six. Live Q&A’s can take place and co-hosting with guest speakers will help interaction with your audience.

You can also easily administer video and text based FAQs, which are specific to your audiences’ current needs. These FAQs can be updated regularly as new questions arise from users.

The forum enables 24/7 peer to peer support and discussions, with the ability for your organisation to contribute to the discussions. Peer support helps removes the bottle neck that exists when everyone wants to talk to an authorised person (e.g. clinical nurse or CEO).

Cost effective delivery

By using the same set of tools that have been used by other clients, we can get your online community set up within a few days. New features and customisations can be added at any time.

Chestnut Appeal

We recently created an online community portal for The Chestnut Appeal. The portal enables the charity to easily engage with male patients who would have previously attended support groups before Covid-19.

We can help you create an online community now

Whether it’s for a group of vulnerable patients who need access to information around health services, a remote workforce that you need regular communication with, or any other community who would benefit from connecting with digital technology – get in touch today, to see how we can help create your online community.

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