Charity Donations

Our Charity Donations platform is an online integrated fundraising tool, that aims to help you maximise your donations through online payments.

Charity Donations

Features & Benefits

The platform creates a seamless experience for users, allowing them to donate money quickly, easily, and securely through your own website – perfect for charities who are looking to offer their supporters an accessible and effortless way of donating online.

Integration with Stripe and PayPal

Donations can be handled via both Stripe and PayPal – two easy to use payment gateway services which ensure payments are validated and secure.

Both options give your supporters the ability to submit one-off or recurring monthly payments with an amount of their choice. By allowing supporters to personalise their donation amount and frequency, you give them total flexibility, control and confidence in donating to you.

Stripe and PayPal also offer a custom charity pricing structure – a discounted fee for non-profit organisations, which adds real value by allowing you to keep the maximum amount of money for your cause.

Supporter fundraising pages on your site

An effective element of our donation product is the supporter fundraising pages – these are set up by your supporters through our simple, easy-to-use online form, and displayed on the website for all users to see. The campaigner who creates a fundraiser is able to explain what they are doing, their reasons why, add a fundraising goal, upload images and update their progress as they go.

The pages allow your campaigners to share their efforts across other online platforms – encouraging further support and donations. The ability to visually track fundraising efforts and to see others donating and commenting keeps motivations high, and creates a real community feel.

Integrated within a fully bespoke website

Whilst integrating our donations product will save you both time and money by utilizing a platform we have already successfully built and tested, we will still follow our usual process to design and create you a fully bespoke, branded website for maximum impact and success.


Working hard to help those suffering with homelessness, Shekinah are successfully utilising our charity donations platform to increase their online donations and fundraisers.

Can we help?

If you think an online donation platform would work well for your charity, then please get in touch – we’d love to chat about how we can help you to refresh your online presence and increase donation opportunities.

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