The Miners Arms

A family friendly 17th century pub and restaurant situated in Hemerdon village, Plympton. A freehouse open all day serving the best in local food and real ales.


// Branding
// Bespoke website
// Marketing
// Photography
// Design for print


The new owners of The Miners Arms approached us in 2015 to look at rebranding the country pub and restaurant. The rebrand was to encapsulate the heritage of the 17th-century freehouse, while showcasing the great contemporary dining. The branding process included research into competitors, USP’s, terminology and SEO key phrases, resulting in a new logo and brand roll out across signage, EPOS screens, business cards, feedback cards, menu design, event tickets, VIP cards and gift vouchers,

Once the brand and marketing strategy had been established, we continued the roll out across a new website. This involved creating a new site structure, a bespoke creative design for a set of WordPress templates, directing a photo shoot, copywriting, on page SEO and developing a responsive WordPress website.

The initial marketing strategy for the pub launch included social media schedules for Facebook and Twitter, Mailchimp email marketing, advertisements in local newspapers and publications, press releases and event campaigns.

17th-century freehouse (also dog friendly)

Logo design with mood board
The new logo needed to reflect the heritage of the 17th-century freehouse and the modern food offering of the gastro-style restaurant. A traditional coat of arms was designed that included a nod to the old branding with the leaves at the base of the mark. Colour scheme originates from turquoise for the minerals mined in the local mine up the road, while the yellow comes from the colour of the canaries who were used in the mine to detect gas leaks!

New signage
Working closely with Atlas Graphics (a local signwriter and manufacturer) we designed and produced 17 signs. A mixture of internal signs, external branding on the building plus signage on the road.

Photo shoot
Direction of a photo shoot with food photographer Craig Howarth from SeaAitch Photography.

Opening times
Live updates on the home page to say when the pub or restaurant is open.

Tailored news for families, dining and general
Separate news feeds on different sections of the website means families and children will only see news appropriate to them. The dining page will only contain news and offers about food and drink, keeping a more focused user experience.

Offline media
As part of our initial marketing launch, we produced special seasonal menus for Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve and Christmas parties, plus VIP and GOLD cards for regular customers, sets of gift vouchers and promotion around events such as the bank holiday beer and cider festival.

Mailchimp Email Marketing
Design and production of a drag and drop Mailchimp template to inform customers of latest news, offers and events via email

Web design – Dining page
The design of the site is in clean modules, allowing for key messages to be digested easily as the page scrolls. Clear call to actions such as prompts to book a table in the restaurant are introduced at key stages. Next major events are publicised with a graphical advert with relevant news and offers on each page.

Initial launch and first phase marketing plan between Jan 2016 and April 2016. Since April 2016 the Miners Arms in house team have been trained and now handle all updates.