17 Jan 2022

Introducing our Client Portal

At the beginning of 2021, we launched our very own Made with Maturity client portal. It’s a tool we designed and built in-house to make collaboration and communication with our clients as effortless as possible.

So, what does it do?

The portal is an online platform that allows us to share information such as project links, documents, and notes with our clients in one manageable place. When we begin a project we set our client up with a user profile – customised to their business with a personal username and profile image – and provide them with login details. Once logged in on a web browser, they can see any information that we have shared with them in order.

Why did we need one?

Throughout our projects, we continued to notice that as a team we struggled finding links and documents when we wanted to refer to them, and this was often the case for clients too. We needed one central place that stored relevant information, easily accessible to everyone on the project. By creating the portal, we have stopped links from becoming lost within long email trails – saving us the time it takes to find them again(!), and with all information presented in the correct order, we are able to ensure everyone is looking at accurate, up to date concepts.

The ease of use, and efficiency of being able to track a project has enhanced our client’s overall experience, which is always a priority for us at Made with Maturity.

The build

We carefully scheduled the build of our portal around client projects, creating it in our down time and making the most of our capacity. This has given us a real return on investment, as the benefits it has brought us such as team productivity and enhanced collaboration with our clients has been more than worthwhile for us as a company.

The portal is fully responsive so it can be accessed from mobile and tablet devices on the go, offering extra flexibility for clients. With security and privacy such an important part of our world now, it also ensures that the information we share is safe – viewable only to those given login access and reducing the risk of emails being lost or hacked.

What our clients think…

The client portal allowed me to see the design progress of the Shekinah website, where I could leave comments with any thoughts or adjustments. Having the portal available at all times, meant that I could choose a time that suited my busy schedule to look at the updates. The client portal is a valuable tool, especially when working with people with a very busy working life, who have diaries that are sometimes booked weeks in advance.

Andy Kebby – Community, Events and Enterprise Manager – Shekinah.

Could you use a client portal?

The portal is something we’re proud of and has provided extra value for both ourselves and our clients. If you think a client portal or a similar information hub could make a difference to your business, please get in touch – we’d love to give you a demonstration and work together to create a platform that works for you. 

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