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At Made with Maturity we always begin every project by observing & understanding. Our proven process allows us to select the most relevant services for your business or project. We work direct with businesses, agencies and with web development companies in the following areas:

Digital strategy

With an initial digital strategy, we get an understanding of your business. Who you are, who your audience is, what your industry is and a review of your existing communications all these things will enable us to form a digital strategy based on solid business objectives. Every other service we offer pivots around this strategy.

UX design & Wireframes

We take the time to plan your website with user experience in mind. This process defines what features and functionality will go on each page using interactive wireframes. We often create wireframes with other agencies in planning larger websites for their clients.

Creative Design

Creative web design

We work closely with our clients to design unique websites which are both graphically creative and appropriate to target audiences. Our design work ranges from bespoke high end design through to simple themed websites.


We build websites using the widely used WordPress platform. Built to suit a range of budgets, we have three WordPress theme options: premium, framework and bespoke. All of our websites are optimised to work across desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

Managed websites & hosting

Our WordPress websites come with a complete managed service for £100 + VAT per month which includes:

  • Hosting on a WordPress controlled server with a limited number of sites for optimum performance.
  • Security is key – it’s very robust. This isn’t just standard shared hosting. This is WordPress hosting, so the security against malicious code or attacks is set up specifically to protect WordPress websites.
  • All technical updates including plugins and core WordPress code. If the updates cause any conflict with the website, then we roll it back to a previous safe version and inform the plugin author of the issue.
  • Automated daily backups.
  • 1 hour of WordPress admin support per month. You can choose to use this time in one of two ways. Either you can add content yourself and use this admin support for contacting us with any queries you have. Or Made With Maturity can update any changes for you within this time (content to be provided by the client).
HTML5 Interactives

HTML5 Interactives

We design and create stunning HTML5 interactive experiences that can bring a message or key information to life. We produce animated timelines, interactive maps, music samplers, video galleries and more.

Bespoke development

Our team of developers can create individual elements for your website. From bespoke WordPress themes to custom made shopping carts, integration with third party services or any additional functionality required.


We offer 3 services in regards to search engine optimisation.

1. On page SEO – we optimise all of your pages for specific keywords. We perform analysis of keywords of your industry and show you which words are popular and which are competitive.

2. Local search – this is key if your business relies on local trade.

3. Ongoing SEO – adapted to suit your needs, this involves regular content optimisation, plus link building strategies.


Pay Per Click advertising such as Google AdWords or Facebook Ads can give instant results as we track the keywords and phrases to see which are performing the best over each month. We ensure your advertising produces trackable results by identifying which clicks are giving real conversions (e.g. valid contact form submissions on your website).


Can we help you?

If you have a project in mind or would just like some more information on how we could work together then please get in touch.
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