Yealm Kitchens create unique, handmade bespoke kitchens to West Country and UK clients


// WordPress theme
// Marketing strategy
// Brochure & flyers
// Magazine adverts
// Google Adwords campaign
// Mailchimp campaign


Working with Yealm Kitchens since early 2015, we created a marketing strategy that started with a redesign of their WordPress website. The redesign focussed on the presentation of their large portfolio images across desktop, tablet and mobile. We simplified their message and established core USP’s that we could use across all channels both online and offline.


The initial campaign involved on page SEO, a printed 28 page brochure, magazine adverts, a promotional flyer and business cards. The ongoing campaign includes Google Adwords that are closely monitored and reviewed every month and a content plan that clearly identifies subjects for regular news articles that are summarised in periodical Mailchimp campaigns.
Yealm Kitchens modern and traditional kitchens

Simplified message
We listened to Yealm Kitchens speak about their offering and identified their core message. We then simplified it and presented it elegantly using minimal text and full screen supporting imagery.

Optimised for mobile
The design ensured that the website was beautifully presented across desktop, tablet and mobile

Copywriting clear USP’s
We worked with Yealm Kitchens to identify their four unique selling points. We then created a core set of copy that described each USP which comprised a short version and an expanded version. This copy was then used across all channels to tell the same unified story. The USP’s are presented simply and clearly on the home page, ensuring the core message is understood by the audience.

Limitless options
Part of Yealm Kitchens offering is their bespoke design service that can include limitless options. We created a dynamic filterable image gallery to show potential options, that changes its layout depending on the customer’s screen size, ensuring maximum visual impact.

Magazine advertising
We applied the core copy and key photographs with a clear call to action, creating a varied set of magazine advertisements within a unified family style.