SSAT are the Schools, Student and Teachers network, a national organisation who help schools to become outstanding.


// Custom WordPress theme
// UX design
// Image styles
// Infographic styles
// Design for print


Our relationship with SSAT began in summer of 2013. We worked with them to provide a reskin of their current WordPress website. Over the subsequent years we have creatively directed many phases of the website, working alongside development companies and internal IT and communications teams.


Our involvement included designing a bespoke responsive WordPress theme and setting a visual language that included image, illustration and infographic styles. Website features included a mega menu, large site restructure, members only areas, design for CRM integration, events calendar, blog, promotional banners, FAQ’s and a search. We have also created offline content for Guardian newspaper adverts, digital exhibition displays and Mailchimp email design.
SSAT image style

New house style
New limited colour palette, bold typography with concise statements presented on a sketched background. This allows SSAT to have a clear voice in a crowded world of education.

Mega menu
The mega menu allows users of the website to see at a glance the main pages within each top level section. By using a simple rollover they could see visual images and descriptions about each page without having to click into it to read the content. This has resulted in an improved user experience.

Flipping blocks
The website contains many pages of listed content. We introduced a flipping block module to represent each page link, this module was designed to include a title, category (linked to a colour), description and background image. On mouse over the block flipped over to read the information on the back, resulting in a more pleasurable user experience that visually described the content being presented.

Optimised for mobile
The new theme was designed with mobiles in mind. A careful use of space, size and style was applied resulting in a more usable experience for mobile users.

Infographic style
An infographic style was designed to compliment the main body of SSAT communications. The hand crafted illustrations and typeface were used to accent key points while the teal and salmon colour palette ensured the style stayed within the set brand guidelines.