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Google Chrome are making the internet a more secure place. Good news! However is your website prepared for this? Coming at the end of January 2017 is the release of the Google Chrome web browser version 56. This version to be released in a few days will alert the visitors to any website using “HTTP” with login pages as “non secure”.

Google want all websites to be using “HTTPS” – a secure version of the web. FHTTPS ensures that the web pages are secured between the visitor and the web server, preventing any unauthorised access from any “nasty people” trying to steal your data or add anything that shouldn’t be there to the web page. Read Google’s security announcement here.

So what is the effect going to be on websites with login access using HTTP? See image below for what this will look like for your visitors.

How to fix it

You can change your website from using HTTP to HTTPS by using an SSL certificate (SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, a global standard security technology that enables encrypted communication between a web browser and a web server). It doesn’t take long to set one up, but you may have to adjust a few links within your website to ensure that it works properly. If you’d like us to take a look at this for you and give you a quote to add an SSL certificate to your website then drop us an email at hello@madewithmaturity.com

Google are incrementally adding more alerts over the coming months with subsequent releases of Chrome and will eventually be alerting visitors of all “HTTP” pages with a red triangle security indicator as illustrated below.

Brand impact

So what does this mean to website owners or brands currently not using “HTTPS” for their website? Well for now, your website will continue to work as it did before, but your brand WILL be affected. Your customers will be alerted that your website is “non-secure”. This is very much about your brand value. If your customers see that your website is non-secure it will add a seed of doubt to their perception of you as a business. For the majority of your customers they will not realise the reason is because Google has updated their Chrome browser to make the web a more secure place – they will probably think something has changed on your website and they need to be careful with your website or not use it at all! After all, there is still a lot of fear surrounding online security and cyber crime that we all need to be taking measures to create a more secure web for everyone.

If you would like a quote on getting your website up to speed on using HTTPS then drop us an email on hello@madewithmaturity.com

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