About us

Get to know us and find out more about our team, our history, and our philosophy.

Who is Made With Maturity?

Established in 2015, Made With Maturity came together when founder Ben – having led agency design teams before going freelance – joined forces with wife Clare to take his design business to the next level. With the marriage of Ben’s digital capabilities and Clare’s marketing expertise, they’ve both shaped Made With Maturity to become a strategic, insights-driven UX web design agency who create environments where their clients’ digital projects will thrive.

With an enviable background in the digital design and marketing industry between them, the pair have worked with high-profile clients including The BBC, European Parliament, The Science Museum, The Ministry of Defence, The Royal Foundation, James Martin, HBO, Volkswagen, SEAT, and Audi.

This experience gives them the solid credentials to work with a variety of UK and global businesses, brands, and organisations who want to improve their web presence. Whether that’s with a new site or improving an existing one, the end user is always put at the centre, making sure the site is answering their needs.

Made With Maturity also provides in-depth UX/UI, web development, and digital partner services to other tech or development companies, as well as marketing agencies, strategists, and consultants without an in-house team. Find out more by telling us who you are.

But in delivering meaningful work, we also pride ourselves on staying true to our core values. By having a positive influence in our attitude, work, words, and actions, we, and our extended team, believe in honesty, integrity, and building new, long-term friendships – and striking a good work/life balance.

And we’re keen on giving something back to the community too – whether that’s through our Cream Tea Club networking events, supporting local charities, getting involved and helping out in schools, or working in the wider community through the local church. It all helps to strengthen our existing bonds with each other, as well as friends, colleagues, and collaborators.

Meet the team

Headed up by Ben and Clare Stirling, Made With Maturity has a core, in-house team who look after your project, from account management to digital delivery. But to keep us agile and scalable, we have a larger team working alongside us in the background. As an extended network of trusted freelancers and partner agencies, we have the flexibility of using their services whenever projects need them.

Co-founder & UX lead
With over 20 years’ experience in digital design, Ben leads the design and development teams at Made with Maturity.
Co-founder & Finance Director
Clare’s experience in numerous marketing roles has shaped Made with Maturity into a strategic, UX web design agency.

Our team is a blend of in-house members who handle account management and digital delivery, combined with a collection of hand-picked freelancers and partner companies, to enable us to be scalable and flexible in our offering.

Our philosophy

So what sets us apart from other web design agencies? We know other agencies rely on data, but some fall short on knowing what that data really means and how it can be used properly and effectively for their clients. We use a three-step philosophy that embraces knowledge, understanding, and maturity to get the valuable insights we need to help you and your user.

Every one of our projects is based on knowledge. Knowledge of your business, your audience, your competitors, and your proposition. This knowledge includes data-driven research and insights, and during our discovery phase, we’ll define what knowledge is based on assumption and what is based on research.

But knowledge alone can’t deliver a successful website. It’s understanding what the knowledge means that brings clarity and purpose to a project. Taking the time to listen to you and your stakeholders, we compare and contrast the knowledge with our research and insights, to understand what the data is showing us and what it means to your business.

Once we understand in greater detail what the knowledge is telling us, our application of level-headed maturity can advise you on how to meet your user needs to create a successful website. Our maturity has grown through our years of agency experience, working with a range of brands across numerous sectors. And our robust UX process, combined with our three-step philosophy, means your project will always be Made with Maturity.

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